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Cervelo RS – Touring Gears?

As will be apparent if you read my last few posts I’ve been touring on a Cervelo RS. By no stretch could this be called a traditional touring bike: its frame is carbon, maximum tire size is 25mm, it has … Continue reading

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Ashley’s Bianchi

Here is Ashley’s “city” Bianchi Volpe all finished. $250 of new parts resurrected it. It’s going to be used around Boston for shopping trips and commuting to work. I’m so glad that my old Bianchi frame is seeing new life … Continue reading

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Broadway Bicycle School

As a schoolboy I tinkered with bikes, and as a middle aged man I’ve continued my amateurish fiddling. My cheque book is now considerably larger so I can mess around with more bikes and buy bits and pieces for them, … Continue reading

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I’m a Freewheeling sort of chap.

There are three basic ways of transferring the motion of the chain to your bike’s rear wheel; the fixed sprocket, the freewheel and the cassette. The Fixed Sprocket This is as simple as it gets, just a sprocket screwed onto … Continue reading

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There’s a thread running through this post

Once I’d decided on a red De Rosa Neo Primato I had to actually go out and buy the frame. It was available on a few websites, but all the forks had non-threaded steerers and I wanted a traditional threaded … Continue reading

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If the answer is 42 what’s the question?

A non-cyclist friend of mine described this blog as “geekified to the nth degree”, and now I’ve made it even geekier by referencing “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in a post title. But I have no shame as … Continue reading

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