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Cervelo RS – Touring Gears?

As will be apparent if you read my last few posts I’ve been touring on a Cervelo RS. By no stretch could this be called a traditional touring bike: its frame is carbon, maximum tire size is 25mm, it has … Continue reading

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Everything comes to he who waits

My 54cm (c-c) Derosa Neo Primato is here!!! There’s something epic about Italian steel and this is my own little bit of all that romance and artistry. Yes I know I’m buying into an image, but it’s fun. So, I … Continue reading

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New loaded touring setup

I’m always thinking of ways to improve my loaded touring setup and I recently bought a new front bag from Rivendell to give me a little more space for snacks. I’ve been using the Acorn handlebar bag for a while, … Continue reading

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Broadway Bicycle School

As a schoolboy I tinkered with bikes, and as a middle aged man I’ve continued my amateurish fiddling. My cheque book is now considerably larger so I can mess around with more bikes and buy bits and pieces for them, … Continue reading

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Here’s the Neo Primato Build.

All the parts for my Neo Primato build are now in. All I need now is the frame!!! I confirmed with the factory that the steerer will be long enough for me to put a couple of spacers in there … Continue reading

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I’m a Freewheeling sort of chap.

There are three basic ways of transferring the motion of the chain to your bike’s rear wheel; the fixed sprocket, the freewheel and the cassette. The Fixed Sprocket This is as simple as it gets, just a sprocket screwed onto … Continue reading

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Bikes are more than just fun

Bikes are more than just fun, they can be useful too. Today was beautifully sunny and I rode my Circle A bike to the bagel shop and then did my grocery shopping. Judging by all the bikes in front of … Continue reading

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