My Bikes

Bicycles can be dangerous things, once you take your first fix (not fixie) its difficult to stop. I started out with a Binachi Volpe and an order with Circle A to build a sport tourer. A year later I now have four new bikes and the Bianchi has been cannibalized for parts.

The bikes are as follows:

Rivendell Quickbeam.

This is a fantastic bike. It doesn’t have any derailleurs, so to change gear you have to get off and move the chain by hand. I have it set up with 40 and 32 tooth chain rings, an 18 and 16 tooth double freewheel, and a 23 tooth freewheel on the other side of the rear hub, but 90% of the time I ride it in 40/16, 66 gear inches (“). If there’s a very steep hill I go down to the 32/23 combination, 37”. The bike has a relaxed geometry and I’ve used it for week long credit card tours. Its also a great around town bike as its so simple.
Circle A Cycles Sport Tourer.

This is my Circle A Cycles sport tourer set up as my city bike. I’ve set it up with Phil Wood hubs, Velocity rims, a 7 speed freewheel with friction shifting, a 42t chainring and 32mm tyres. I put some Albatross bars on the bike and I’ve just mounted a front wire basket. It’s fantastic for riding in town as the riding position is nice and upright and I can see through traffic well.
Circle A Cycles

Rivendell Rambouilett.

My Rivendell Rambouillet is my go to bike for long weekend rides and lightweight loaded touring . Its a sport tourer with 43mm chain stays. I picked up the frame cheap as it had some cosmetic imperfections. I’ve taken the parts that were on the the Circle A bike before it became my city bike and installed them on the Rambouillet as I think this is the bike that I’ll end up riding across the country. It has White Industries mountain bike hubs with Velocity Dyad rims. The gearing is 42/26 chainrings with an 11-34 rear cassette so I have a range of 103″ to 21″


Rivendell Atlantis.

Well I’ll never say that I’ve bought my last bike again. I was seduced into buying a Rivendell Atlantis a couple of months ago. I wanted a 26″ wheeled bike to use on trails and when I found a frame at a reduced price I bought it. Over that past couple of months I’ve built it up as a rugged touring bike. It has 26″ Velocity Aeroheat rims and Phil Wood hubs and a Phil Wood bottom bracket. The gearing is 12-34 9 speed cassette and a 46-36-24 Sugino XD triple crank. However, I’ve managed to get my hands on a TA Zephyr triple crank and I’ll be setting it up with 46-34-22 rings and a 12-32 cassette one day. Its a very versatile bike, I’ve ridden it with big 26 x 1.75 Schwalbe Marathons and its like a mountain bike. The picture below shows it as I use it on long road rides with 26 x 1.25 Tourguard Pasela Panaracers tires.

Rivendell Atlantis

Finally there’s my bit of Italian flash, a DeRosa Neo Primato. This bike is a classic Italian geometry road bike, but of course it’s still steel and lugged.



3 Responses to Bikes

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  2. William says:

    stan — what crankset do you have your Rambouilett that allows the 42-26?


    • cstandley says:

      Hi William, the crankset is simply a Sugino XD 110/74 triple. I leave the outer ring off and just use the inner and middle positions. The rings are TA. I move the crank set a few mm inboard so that the space between the middle and in rings is centered on the rear cassette. This makes all 9 cogs usable with both front rings, although I avoid cross chaining as much as I can.

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