Watertown to Swampscott, Sept 15th, 20 miles there and 20 miles back

My much delayed final day is done. I did the 60 or so miles from East Brookfield over a week ago and a mixture of laziness and rain put this last short day on hold. But yesterday the weather was lovely and I headed out to dot the i’s and cross  the t’s on my cross country trip. I decided to ride North an dip my wheel at Swampscott as it has easy beach access.

About 5 mins from home I ran into another cross county cyclist. Scott is from Oregon and was heading down to Florida to follow the warmer weather.




I ride up to Boston’s Noth Shore a fair bit so the route is familiar. I headed out through Somerville and braved the rotary at Sullivan square and passed by the big power plant.

I picked up the bike path through Malden and cruised through Saugus and Lynn to the promanade at Swampscott. The tide was in so I didn’t have to carry my bike far across the sand to dip the wheels in the Atlantic. Job done. It took me 56 days of riding, but the Utica injury delayed the day of my finish substantially. Still it was a beautiful day to finish and sit watching the waves roll in before riding home.



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5 Responses to Watertown to Swampscott, Sept 15th, 20 miles there and 20 miles back

  1. Jim Staudt says:


  2. Dan R says:

    Stan; Happy 2016! When you have travel plans for this year, please do post an entry! Best wishes for a safe and injury-free riding season.


  3. Dan R says:

    Stan: I stumbled upon your site several years ago when I was considering a Rivendell. I recall well your bike acquisitions from the DeRosa to the Cervelo, as well as your epic trip to Iceland! I do not aspire to your level of serious distance riding, but I own a few bikes and ride regularly. If you have occasion to be in the Washington, DC area, let me know. dan.55.russell@gmail.com

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