August 25th, back in the saddle

My hiatus from riding lasted almost three weeks. But this morning my ribs felt pretty normal and I had to contort myself a lot to feel any pain. So I decided to ride into Harvard Square; baby steps.

My shopping bike felt ridiculously twitchy and fast so I rode carefully. At the first stop light I felt a twinge from the ribs as I pulled up, but nothing too bad. Maybe I’m at 90%. Still on a nice sunny day riding a bike is hard to beat..

I got some lunch, did some people watching and resolved to get myself out to East Brookfield early next week to knock out the short two days from there to the Atlantic.


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3 Responses to August 25th, back in the saddle

  1. Paul Desrosiers says:

    Do u think u have or had cracked ribs? Sounds like u did.

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  2. Alex Serrano says:

    Good Luck on the final leg!

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