Day 56, 0 bike miles, Watertown to Boylston St. Boston

Last night’s party was good and it was great to see a bunch of friends. It was particularly good to see some friends who have been out of circulation for a while. There was lots if tasty food and lots to drink although I only had one beer and ate mostly crackers. Still when some pulled pork appeared I had to try some of that. The fireworks were loud and bright (just as they should be) and after they were done I drove a couple of mates back to Boston.

This morning I got back to an early start and was in Harvard Square at 7:30 to catch the #1 bus down Mass Ave to watch the Arsenal vs West Ham at the Lir pub with my mate James.

The pub doors opens at 8:00 for the 8:30 kick off. The game was pretty bad with Arsenal losing 0:2.

I took the bus home and plan to spend the afternoon looking at clothes driers as the one I have broke down when I was away…..exciting times!

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2 Responses to Day 56, 0 bike miles, Watertown to Boylston St. Boston

  1. marcus austin says:

    Glad you’re better, hope the ribs stop hurting soon.
    And more importantly, congrats at getting from coast to coast on a bike and in one piece, that was a fantastic feat. I am so impressed particularly as it involved plenty of beer. You deserve at least a months rest!!


    • cstandley says:

      I’m not done yet I still have about 80 miles to do. I’d say it was my feet that allowed me to complete the feat…..

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