Day 54, 33 miles, Northampton to East Brookfield, MA

I really enjoyed hanging out in Northampton yeaterday, but when I got up this morning I felt terrible. When I rolled over in bed I had a sharp pain in my ribs where I’d fallen in Utica 3 days ago. On top of that my stomach was upset. I managed some Raisin Bran at breakfast, but the rest of the breakfast stuff just turned my stomach. I decided to see how I felt on the bike and got onto the Amherst bike path. It was flat and I didn’t feel too bad, but at the first stop I winced at the pain in my ribs and I felt weak on the first climb and could not get out if the saddle without getting the rib pain again. I was also shivering and put on my rain jacket to try to keep warm. At a cafe I had to stop for “tummy troubles”. I ordered a coffee and a bagel and could only eat two bites.  I just could not eat on a hill in Ware with 15 miles done after almost 3 hours I realized I was not going to make it back to Watertown on the bike today. I had two options; either get a motel or take other transportation back home and rest up there and then come back to finish my ride. As I didn’t know how many days it would take me to feel ok again and I wanted the chance to go to a party in Rockport on Saturday I decided to get back to Boston ASAP. The train at Worcester was still a long way away, but I found a car rental place in East Brookfield 18 miles away. The next 3 hours were torture and even small hills became mountains to climb. I made it to the Enterprise rental place at 1:30. The rental guys were very helpful and interested in my trip and helped put my bike in the car. I drove back to Watertown and when I got out of the car I doubled over. I walked back home with my bike and slept.

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5 Responses to Day 54, 33 miles, Northampton to East Brookfield, MA

  1. marcus austin says:

    You need rest!! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. jim says:

    Stan, if you’re feeling this bad tomorrow am, you should get some medical help. Hopefully, a night of good rest will make a big improvement, but you might have something more serious, like an aggravated fracture. With pain that severe along with nausea and chills, you probably need medical attention.

    • cstandley says:

      Jim, I’m slowly feeling better. I managed a black pudding sandwich this morning and there’s not as much pain in the ribs today, but sneezing and coughing are still something I try to avoid. FYI it was great to see Maureen last night!!

  3. tkolds says:

    Hey Clive,
    I’m sorry to see you’re feeling so terrible! I hope a little rest helps. Feel better soon!

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