Day 53, 79 miles, East Greenbush, NY to Northampton, MA.

Today had the first significant climbs since the “Going to the Sun” road in western Montana. That’s probably 2000 miles ago. I left the motel and immediately heard a police car behind me. It wasn’t interested in me but in a car up the road. I stopped at the first diner I came to about 2 miles up the road just as the car that I’d seem pulled over pulled into the parking lot. A lady in a waitress uniform got out sobbing into a handkerchief. I walked in with here with a couple of waiting regulars and got the full “sob” story I assume she also told the police officer about her being late for work and having to open up……doesn’t really excuse speeding though.

The first climb started at New Lebanon and went up to Hancock MA. Close to the top I stopped to take a couple of pictures.



After passing Hancock Shaker Village there’s a nice downhill into Pittsfield where I stopped for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Then the serious work started as I climbed up to Windsor, but that’s relative when I think back to the climbs in the Cascades. After Windsor there was 10 miles of speed and coasting until this Swift Ruver and the final climb up to Goshen. Then the best bit of the day came with the downhill through Williamsburg, Leeds and Florence…..riding past Smith College and onto Northampton’s main street. It’s one of my favorite places as it had lots of great shops and things to do and even the pedestrian crossings are in rainbow colors.



I went to my old haunt of the Northampton Brewery and ate and had a couple of beers to celebrate making it to the Pioneer Valley. I had considered staying with a Warmshowers host tonight as there are lots in NoHo, but I want to do my own thing here and start very early in the morning to do the 100 miles back to Watertown. Anyway tomorrow I’ll be my own Warmshowers host.

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1 Response to Day 53, 79 miles, East Greenbush, NY to Northampton, MA.

  1. adventurepdx says:

    Ah, Northampton. Love that town, but it’s been years since I’ve been there. (Ironically I snapped a handlebar here.)

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