Day 52, 88 miles, Herkimer to East Greenbush, NY.

Today became a bit of an ordeal in Albany.

I started with breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.


I felt pretty tired and the first few miles were tough. I slow pedaled though the mini gorge at Little Falls



And on the other side there were a lot of downed trees. Coming into Amsterdam I had a flat tire so after I’d fixed it I googled a bike shop close to my route. I found one on Rt 5 in Schenectady and made a bee line for it. Resupplied with 700c x 25 tubes I rode through Albany’s rush hour traffic and managed to get onto the bike path across he Hudson.


I checked into my motel in East Greenbush and headed to the Super Buffet across the road and paid $11.90 for all you can each Chinese food, sushi, dim sum, cake, fruit and I’ve cream.

The motel is as far east as I can go so that I can climb up to Pittsfiedl and through the Berkshires tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Day 52, 88 miles, Herkimer to East Greenbush, NY.

  1. Jon S. says:

    Stan, We’re routing for you to make it to Paco’s by Saturday even though we can’t make it. Lay off the chips and poached eggs and load up on the beer carbs to prep before Saturday night!

  2. Jim Staudt says:

    Stan, some nice countryside along the way, despite the fallen trees. Looking forward to your return. Looks like you should be able to make it home by Saturday without having to crush it.

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