Day 51, 95 miles, Weedsport to Herkimer, NY.

Today was in two parts; the morning to Conastoga was done on the canal path and the rest on roads to cut off the loop the canal path takes up to Rome.


I went through Syracuse ands or a coffee and a muffin from a funky coffee shop to fuel me for Syracuse’s hills. Lunch was pizza in Conastoga and I talked to a group of 3 ladies doing the Erie Canal Trail. One of them had a Rivendell Atlantis so we talked about bikes for a while.

I got onto the road to New Hartford and then as I came into Utica the rain started. I put on my rain jacket and kept going. Then I went to cross some train tracks that crossed the road at 45 dregs and off course the obvious happened. The front wheel skidded and went out and  I ended on the floor with a skinned elbow and some sore ribs. I jumped up checked for other damage and found none so continued on. At the next rail crossing I walked the bike.

The rain stopped and I’d dried off by the time I pulled into the Applebees in Herkimer. I got a beer and Mac and cheese and got talking toa guy at the bar. Dave was retired and loved my trip. When I asked for my check I found HST he’d paid it for me. Thanks Dave.


Then as I was going into my hotel room I got chatting to a German couple having a beer outside their room. They offed me a beer and were also very interested in my trip. They were cyckng fans so I got my first “chapeau” if the trip.

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