Day 50, 105 miles, Albion to Weedsport NY

I had breakfast in McDonalds and the sky looked very ominous.


My goal today was to do a century and see if it will be possible to get back to Boston by Saturday to to to a friends party. I got back on the tow path and headed for Rochester. In Spencerport I stopped for coffee and a cinnamon roll which took me through Rochester and as far as Fairport where I got an ice cream to hold me over until lunch which I planned to have in Newark. 

I got to Newark at 2:00 and simply headed to Wegmans and got a roast turkey meal with potatoes and cauliflower…. It was white but tasty. 

I had 34 miles to do and I got on NY 31 as it was more direct than the canal path. I’d booked into a Best Western in Weedsport and I was glad to get there as after 105 miles I was tired. 

 After booking in I went out for dinner at the Old Eire Pub and got the most enormous piece of haddock ever. 


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2 Responses to Day 50, 105 miles, Albion to Weedsport NY

  1. Jane says:

    Go, Stan, GO! Almost there!!!!

  2. jim says:

    Stan, hope to see you on Saturday!

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