No Bagman, just two bags on a Cervelo RS.

I’ve managed to get rid of the bagman saddlebag support and fit my tent inside my Carradice Camper saddlebag. This reduces weight a little and having 2 bags instead of 3 is a little more convenient. My bike and base gear now weigh 38lbs and I haven’t given up much comfort. By removing the rear carbon struts from the Contrail I can put the tent shell in a compression sack and really reduce it’s volume. The struts, poles and tent pegs fit nicely at the bottom of the saddlebag. I also put my sleeping quilt and my Driclime jacket in a compression sack to really reduce their volume too.

I pack my saddlebag in the following way: food in one side pocket; tools and tubes in the other; tent poles and pegs at the bottom of the main compartment; sleeping pad, cooking gear, socks, balaclava, underwear, nylon back pack, and trousers come next; then comes the tent fly and sleeping bag and Driclime jacket in compression sacks; this leaves room at the front of the bag for a L/S shirt, tights, tai chi shoes and my fuel. The compression sacks are key to getting my bulky items small enough to fit.

The front bag has the following: at the bottom my rain jacket, gloves and overshoes; next is electronics, first aid kit and umbrella; onto top of that goes the toilet kit, then my cable lock and finally my leathernan, wallet and iPhone go in the zip compartment

The resulting baggage, contents and bike set up is shown below.



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2 Responses to No Bagman, just two bags on a Cervelo RS.

  1. Ruben says:


    This is Ruben from the Netherlands. I was wondering: Did you make any adjustments to fit the Camper saddlebag without the bagman support?

    Many thanks,

    Kind regards,


    • cstandley says:

      Hi Ruben,
      I didn’t make any adjustments to make the Camper fit. You do need to have enough space between the saddle and rear tire so that the bag does not rub on the tire.
      Carradice saddlebags were originally designed to be mounted without any support anyway.

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