An Iconoclast with a Happy Butt

I’m the proud owner of a new Brooks Swift saddle and I’ve already clamped it onto the Neo Primato.  So this bike is becoming more and more of a mongrel and I can hear the sighs and complaints already. I’ve taken a classic Italian steel frame, loaded it with Japanese components and to top it all put an English leather saddle on it. I could argue, that since Brooks was bought by Selle Royal it’s sort of an Italian saddle…..well I could, but I won’t. Bottom line (pun intended), the Swift looks better and, if my experience with B17s is anything to go by, will feel better too.

Here’s the Neo Primato with the new Swift

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2 Responses to An Iconoclast with a Happy Butt

  1. Sean says:

    While I’m a fan of bar-end shifters for economy, touring and daily commuters – I would’ve stuck with integrated STI levers on a racing style bike.

    I have a bike with bar-end shifters and understand the reliability argument for them. Unless that’s a randoneurring bike (I don’t see fenders or lights), not ideal in my opinion.

    Good call on the japanese parts and saddle 🙂

  2. cstandley says:

    Thanks for the comments. It was either going to be downtube or barend shifters, I never considered STI. I have very little use for fast gear changes and I intend to use the Neo Primato on long weekend rides and for some fast credit card touring too so the reliability of the barends seemed like a good way to go. I can understand that the look is not classic Italian racing machine, but that’s not exactly what I was going for. My choices are very individual and I suppose I’ve ended up with a build and parts mix that is influenced by my previous bikes and riding style, so a DeRosa/Rivendell hybrid……… is the result something from the Island of Dr. Moreau or a Dutch tulip field?

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