Delayed Gratification

Now I’m only a mile and a couple of days away from my Neo Primato frame and fork. The good folks at ATA Cycles in Cambridge are just waiting for my 2Nut Chris King headset to be delivered and then I can pick up my new ride. My fetish for doing things in a traditional way by insisting on the 2Nut headset has further delayed my gratification as the headset was a special order. This headset is a great choice if you want to install a cable hanger, a decaleur or some spacers between the nuts to get the handlebars up a few cms.

Christ King 2Nut Headset

I’m going to install 1.8cms of spacers so that I can get the handlebars where I want them without exceeding the amount of stem allowed above the headset. The top of my saddle will be 15.5 cm above the top tube and my goal is to have 3cm of handle bar drop. So I need to get the bars to 12.5 above the top tube. The stack up is this, 0.5cm for the headtube extention, 2.5cm for the headset, 1.8cm of spacers and 8 cm of stem making 12.8 cm which is close enough. Of course, as I’m using a quill stem, I can do final height adjustments really easily.

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2 Responses to Delayed Gratification

  1. John says:

    Hi Clive,

    You should be careful about raising the quill relative to the headset. The point of the min-insertion line is to prevent the quill from being tightened against the threaded portion of your steer tube. Consequently, adding spacers to the headset wont change your max stem height.

    You’ll need to measure the threaded portion of your steertube as well as your quill extension, and be sure that you don’t raise the quill so that it is tightened above the non-threaded portion.


    • cstandley says:

      Thanks, that’s something I’m looking at. I talked with DeRosa about it and I may have to use a Nitto Technomatic deluxe

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