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If the answer is 42 what’s the question?

A non-cyclist friend of mine described this blog as “geekified to the nth degree”, and now I’ve made it even geekier by referencing “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in a post title. But I have no shame as … Continue reading

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Carradice Expedition Bagman Review

I ordered a Carradice Expedition Bagman from Peter White Cycles yesterday and thanks to prompt shipping and the wonders of UPS I received it this morning. The Bagman is a simple saddlebag support that comes in a three sizes; Sport … Continue reading

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Touring Taxonomy

There have been a few discussions on various cycling forums, of late, about how much gear to carry on tour. So I thought I’d take a leaf from E.O. Wilson’s book and do a bit of touring style taxonomy. So … Continue reading

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Pictures are now up for Montreal and England Tour pages

I’ve managed to get the pictures posted for my 2008 and 2009 tours

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This Says It All

There are numerous decisions to be made to get a blog going. Of course you have to take the mental leap and put yourself out there, but then there are all the practical choices too. What blog service should I … Continue reading

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My “Loaded” Touring Gear

After getting lots of questions about my touring set up I decided to do a short video to show what I take with me on tour. This is everything I take apart from the clothes that I wear on the … Continue reading

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Bikes are more than just fun

Bikes are more than just fun, they can be useful too. Today was beautifully sunny and I rode my Circle A bike to the bagel shop and then did my grocery shopping. Judging by all the bikes in front of … Continue reading

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